We are a Canadian based labor contracting company with a mission to help farmers and nursery owners to meet their labor demands. We understand how difficult it can be to find labor on-demand and especially during the peak seasons. Your business does not have to suffer because of labor shortages anymore. We provide you with the opportunity to scale your business as per your needs. Take off the edge of your full-time workers by giving them the support of temporary or contractual labor.
The market demand is fluctuating more than ever today. Being in business for so many years and serving the local farmers around Vancouver, we have created a system of workforce planning. We work with you to understand your needs and offer you a customized labor contract to help meet fluctuating demands. The labor shortage in British Columbia and Canada as a whole have left many farmers and nurseries struggling to find skilled labor at affordable rates. Labor shortages have caused major problems for the farming industry. This is why, you need professionals to take care of your temporary and short-term labor needs. We also provide long-term labor contracts based on your business needs.